§ 1. Name and seat
1.1 The school bears the name “Huayin Chinese Language School Frankfurt am Main” with the abbreviation “Huayin School”. It should be entered in the register of associations at the District Court Frankfurt am Main. After registration, it carries the suffix “e.V.” in your name.
1.2 The seat of the school is Frankfurt am Main.
§ 2 purposes
2.1 The aim of the school is the Chinese-language education of children from Frankfurt and the surrounding area. In order to achieve this, the following paths are provided in particular:
a. Creation of a language environment for the students.
b. Teaching with systematic teaching methods and materials.
c. Teaching the basic knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.
2.2 The school pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the Tax Code.
2.3 The school has no political purposes and is politically neutral.
§ 3. Admission of the pupils
3.1 Children of appropriate age who wish to learn Chinese may be accepted by the school.
3.2 The prerequisite for acceptance is that these statutes are recognized by the parents or legal guardians (hereafter referred to as “parents”). The application for admission to school is submitted in writing by parents and reviewed and approved by the school board.
§ 4. Teachers
4.1 The school aims to hire teachers with appropriate training and experience.
4.2 Applicants are selected and hired by the school board.
4.3 The teachers are paid by the school.
§ 5. Courses
5.1 The concept (scope, course and test) of the courses is designed by the responsible teacher and the school board and approved by the general meeting.
5.2 The materials are based on the teaching materials used in the People’s Republic of China.
5.3 Pupils are divided into different classes according to age and language proficiency. The school strives to meet the needs of different groups.
5.4 The school holidays are based on the regulations of the state of Hesse.
§ 6. Start, termination of membership, rights and duties of the members
6.1 Start of membership
Parents become members of the school association if they apply for admission in writing for their child and if the admission of their child is approved in writing by the school management.
6.2 Termination of membership
The membership ends by withdrawal or exclusion. The resignation can be made at any time in writing to the Executive Board at the end of the current semester. The exclusion occurs when the member
a) is in arrears after reminder with the contributions and fees,
b) deliberately or grossly negligently violates the statute or the interests of the association.
Upon termination of the membership, all claims arising from the membership relationship expire, without prejudice to the claim of the association for outstanding contributions. A return of donations, contributions in kind or contributions is excluded.
6.3 Rights of Members
The members can exercise their voting rights in the general meeting. You can choose and be chosen.
6.4 Obligations of the members
The members are required to: a) pay dues on time, b) to support the school in all activities; c) to obey the orders of the Board.
§ 7th General Assembly
7.1 The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the school.
7.2 The General Assembly is convened by the Executive Board at least once a year. The call must be made in writing at least two weeks in advance stating the agenda. The board is obliged to convene a general meeting if at least 20% of the members request it. The general meeting is led by the headmaster, if he is prevented by a board member and is recorded. The Secretary is proposed by the Board and approved by the members present. The minutes are signed by the chairman of the meeting and two members present.
7.3 Resolutions of the General Assembly require a majority vote of the members present. Every family has one vote. An absent family can cast their vote in writing through a family present or be represented by them.
In the event of amendments to the Articles of Association, the resolution requires a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.
7.4 The tasks of the general meeting are:
– Election of the Board
– discharge of the board and cash audit
– Choice of cash auditors
– Approval of the financial planning of the board
– Approval and acceptance of the report of the board
– Examination and approval of the concept of the courses
– Determination of wages